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Hire Initials light up letters in Sydney

Sydney Light Up Letters is the home for your hire light up letter needs. Every event deserves to have its special touch, so no matter the event, whether you’re planning for our an engagement, wedding, birthday, anniversary or for corporate events our light up letters available for hire have you covered. 

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Initials light up letters in Sydney for hire

Sometimes you want to personalise your event instead of going for common phrases which may come off as obvious of cliche. Our initial light up letters make any event as personalised as it can be. Our letters come in both 0.6cm and 1.2m tall light up letters which is sure to wow your guests when they arrive.  Whether you’re looking to plan for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or virtually any other event that you may think of, trust Sydney Light Up Letters to provide a seamless, stress free experience Sydney.

If you’re looking for initial marquee lights for your corporate event or whether you want branded light up letters for your next corporate event. Trust Sydney light up letters with endless options and possibilities around initial light up letters. Corporate companies have endless requirements for our corporate initial marquee lights whether you’re wanting to report on financial year events you can trust Sydney Light Up Letters to provide the initials needed for your next end of financial year reporting, try our initial and light up numbers like FY20, or FY2020.

Hire our other wedding light up letters options in Sydney

Initials not quite right for your next corporate event, then try our other personalised and branded light up letters options, please go to our corporate light up letters page.

Light up initials for wedding for hire in Sydney

Sometimes you may want to break away from the standard wedding Mr and Mrs, Love, just married related phrases at your reception. You may want to display initial letter lights or personalised phrases to really make a fun and unique experience at your event. Sydney Light Up Letters has got you covered with endless variety with our initial light up letters, no matter the letter or symbol that you might be looking to hire in Sydney, Sydney light up letters have definitely got you covered. 

Want to take your light up initials for wedding to another level combine our initial light up letters with our symbols such as our love heart or forever symbol to really make a personalised and memorable reception. Looking back at pictures in the future, any one that has been at your event will be able to easily recollect that it was yours and your partner’s special day. So trust Sydney Light Up Letters to cater for your initial light up letters needs regardless whether it is a wedding or another event.


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Sydney light up letters is truly your one stop shop for all your hire light up letter needs in Sydney. If you need additional services and products to accommodate your light up letters, make sure to contact us for a personalised quote. Get in contact today to book in your date to hire our initial light up letters.