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Baby birthday, gender reveal

One of the largest growing trends in recent years is to create party’s and events around gender reveals. Parents often invest heavily into making a magic gender reveal event and often parents have equal investments into their baby’s first early childhood birthdays. Sydney Light Up Letters is here to provide a magical and memorable experience with endless possibilities and phrases for our letter lights. Whether you’re wanting to have a custom package around your little one’s name, or whether your want a ‘baby boy’ or ‘baby girl’ light up letters, Sydney Light Up Letters has you covered with the most friction-free options in Sydney. 

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Hire Baby boy & Girl Light Up Letters

Nothing creates a better celebration than using our large light up letters to spell out baby boy. Want to add the extra touch? We also have you covered with colour options, whether you want to use male gender colour blue or utilise your favourite soccer team colours, Sydney Light Up Letters makes sure that you’re all covered. 

Looking to celebrate your new baby daughter to come to this earth. Then nothing makes it more special than celebrating with our baby girl light up letters. Better yet, Sydney Light Up Letters can make sure that the letters light up in baby pink, to really suit the theme of your party. Sydney Light Up Letters makes sure that your baby light up letters are presented in the right fashion to celebrate. We take the friction out of making your next baby event pop. Sydney Light Up Letters is here to set up your baby girl light up letters and also pack away your baby girl light up letters once your party is all over.

Hire personalised baby light up letters

We understand that sometimes using baby boy light up letters, or baby girl light up letters may not suit the theme that you may be aiming for in your party. Sometimes you might be celebrating a baby name reveal in which Sydney Light Up Letters has you covered with our personalised light up letters. No matter how many repeat letters or numbers we have the stock to hire to spell out your baby’s first name or full name with our light-up baby letters.

Want to accompany your baby marquee letters? Sydney Light Up Letters also provide large light up letters that come in the form of a love heart and forever sign to really make your next event that extra bit special. Sydney Light Up Letters is here to make any of your baby’s events special with our baby marquee lights. 

Hire Baby Birthday light up letters

The first couple of years of a baby’s life is often the most memorable for young parents. Hence this is why you often see baby birthday parties specifically when the baby turns one or has friends to celebrate with. Sydney Light Up Letters has all the light up letters and light up numbers to make your baby’s first, second or whichever birthday the most memorable.

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